York Community High School

ELL United States History

#0126 ELL United States History

Grade 11/Full Year credits

Prerequisite:  Students must be enrolled in the ELL program

United States History is the culminating course in the social studies core course sequence.  It offers students a thought-provoking survey of the nation's history, with opportunities in each unit to study in more depth the events, issues or other historical phenomena of special significance in the American narrative.  Students will make connection between events of the past and their ongoing impact on the near-present,  thus developing a context for their emerging sense of civic responsibility.This course emphasizes the frequent use of higher order thinking skills in its approach to studying history and strives to foster in students a nuanced, analytical mindset. Development of research skills and of the four language domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), in the context of the social studies and in preparation for college, will be emphasized.  This course fulfills the United States History graduation requirement for ELL students.

Rationale:   ELL students will be receiving instruction of content that is comparable to mainstream students; however, the language of instruction will be sheltered so that it is more accessible to students who are still acquiring general and academic English skills.