York Community High School



#0181 Economics

Grades 11-12 / 1 Semester Course – 1.0 credit

This course is an introductory survey of Micro and Macro economics. Scarcity, supply and demand, competition, the organization of business and government’s regulatory role, money and banking, fiscal policy, taxation, public finance and international trade will be studied. Time is given to the theories of capitalism and command socialism. The course emphasizes the principles and tools of economic analysis to develop a better understanding of “real” world concepts. Completion of this course fulfills the Consumer Education requirement OR the Social Studies Elective requirement for graduation.

Rationale: Economic activity pervades every aspect of life. Therefore, knowledge of economic concepts and systems should be a part of every citizen’s education in today’s world. This course offers a high degree of academic literacy for the student interested in a business career in marketing, management, investment banking, or starting a business.

Teachers who teach Economics:

Olson, Laura (630) 617-2400 ex.7134 Social Studies Teacher lolson@elmhurst205.org