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AP United States Government & Politics

#0170 AP United States Government and Politics

Grade 10 / 1 Semester High Weighted Course – 1.0 credit

Prerequisite: A/B average in all previous high school work or Social Studies teacher recommendation.

This course is designed to provide students with an extensive understanding of the foundations and concepts that encompass the American political system. A.P. Government is designed to be the high school equivalent of a college-level general government course, thus preparing students for success on the Advanced Placement Exam.  Major topics studied in the course are the constitutional underpinnings of government; political beliefs and behaviors; political parties and interest groups; institutions and policy processes of national government; and civil rights and civil liberties. Political theory and philosophy, as well as the structure of government, will be examined through contemporary issues on a national level.  This course fulfills the American Government graduation requirement as well as the state mandated U.S. and Illinois Constitution tests.

Rationale: College–bound students interested in majoring in political science, law, law enforcement or philosophy would benefit from taking this course. Performance on the AP Exam will provide many students with the opportunity to receive college credit and/or appropriate college course placement.

Teachers who teach AP United States Government and Politics :

DiTomasso, Lindsey (630) 617-2400 ex.7244 US Hist, AP Govt & Politics, Women's Studies-EMPOWER lditomasso@elmhurst205.org
Dowdy, Kenneth (630) 617-2400 ex.7331 AP U.S. Government and Politics, American Government & Constitutional Law

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