York Community High School

AP Microeconomics

#0179 AP Microeconomics
Grades 11-12 / 1 Semester High Weighted Course – 1.0 credit
Prerequisite: A/B average in all previous high school work or Social Studies teacher recommendation.

A.P. Microeconomics is designed for students to understand how resources are used to satisfy people’s wants. This one semester, college level course explores the individual components that make up our economy: the consumer, the business firm and the government. Students will gain an understanding of economic concepts such as opportunity cost, supply and demand, marginality, markets and externalities. In depth research and discussion of economic topics and current events will help students to make sense of their world. Special focus will be placed on preparation for the Advanced Placement exam in May. Students must realize the importance of independent study. Success in this course and on the exam relies heavily on individual commitment from the student. Completion of this course fulfills the Consumer Education requirement OR the Social Studies elective requirement for graduation but NOT both.

Rationale: This course will help students become economically literate in  terms of knowing the basic principles and tools of economic analysis that are essential for understanding contemporary issues. Students who take Economics in college will find this course invaluable.


Teachers who teach AP Microeconomics:


Weldon, Jessica 

Carl, Tamra (630) 617-2400 ex.7346 AP Micro, AP Macroeconomics, and American Government tcarl@elmhurst205.org