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AP European History

#0164 AP European History

Grades 10-12 / Full Year High Weighted Course – 2.0 credit
Prerequisite: A/B average in all previous high school work or Social Studies teacher recommendation.

This course is designed to provide students with relevant factual knowledge and an extensive understanding of European history from 1450 to the present.  A.P. European History is designed to be the high school equivalent of a college-level general government course, thus preparing students for success on the Advanced Placement Exam.  Major topics studied in the course are developments in social, economic and political thought, the rise and functioning of the modern state in its various forms and the role of urbanization in transforming cultural values and social relationships.  Students will develop research, evaluative and analytical skills that will be used to illustrate comprehension and understanding.  This course also provides students with frequent practice in writing analytical and interpretive essays such as document based questions (DBQ) and thematic essays. This course fulfills the Social Studies elective requirement for graduation.

Rationale:  College–bound students will benefit from taking this course.  The course will not only shed light on history, as it enables students to better understand their current world.  Students will develop reading, writing and analytical skills to prepare them for future AP/Honors courses they may take.  Performance on the AP Exam will provide many students with the opportunity to receive college credit and/or appropriate college course placement.

Teachers who teach AP European History:

Gearing, Adam (630) 617-2400 ex.7355 Social Studies Teacher agearing@elmhurst205.org

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