York Community High School

Advanced Algebra/Trig H

Functions are the main topic of this course and are examined in terms of their algebraic properties, their graphs and their uses in modeling real-world situations.  The types of functions studied include linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational and trigonometric.  Additional topics include more sophisticated work with factoring, rational exponents, trigonometric identities, and probability.  BASIC programming is used as a tool to examine algebraic concepts. A TI-83/84 Plus graphing calculator is required.

Bhimji, Alisha (630) 617-2400 ex.7117 Math Teacher abhimji@elmhurst205.org
Dorneker, Megan (630) 617-2400 ex.7118 Math Teacher mdorneker@elmhurst205.org
Lamb, Nolan (630) 617-2400 ex.7125 Math Teacher nlamb@elmhurst205.org
Schoenberg, Max (630) 617-2400 ex.7329 Math Teacher mschoenberg@elmhurst205.org

Modeling, Functions, and Graphs, 4th Edition published by
Brooks/Cole, 2007
        Trigonometry, published by Brooks/Cole, 2004