York Community High School

Advanced College Project

Advanced College Project


York High School, the first high school in Illinois to partner with Indiana University (IU) through its Advance College Project (ACP), began the second year of that partnership in August of 2016. Together, they have teamed to offer college credit to qualified high school seniors (and some sophomores and juniors) who enroll in IU general education courses. These university courses are being taught by certified York teachers who hold adjunct lecturer status with Indiana University.

Currently, York students have the following courses from which to choose. In that they are all college courses, each carries Honors credit weighting.

  • French 200 (French 3H)
  • French 250 (French 4 H)
  • Italian 200 (Italian 3H)
  • Italian 250 (AP Italian ACP)
  • Literary Interpretation (L202) (Literature 101 H)
  • Personal Finance (F260) (Personal Finance H)
  • Public Speaking (C121) (Rhetoric 101 H)
  • Reading, Writing, and Inquiry (W131) (Composition 101 H)
  • Spanish 200 (Spanish 3H)
  • Spanish 250 (Spanish 4H)
  • Sociology (Sociology H ACP)

The Advance College Project began in Indiana in 1982-83 with six Indiana high schools, enrolling 269 students. Significant and continued growth over the last two decades has resulted in over 16,000 high school students from four states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio), earning college credit hours this past year. In the first year of its partnership, students at York High School earned 642 hours of university credit - a number which is expected to triple in FY17.

Eligible students are considered when providing evidence of:

  • college preparatory curriculum and advanced coursework,

  • being in good standing at York, and

  • having a minimum 2.70 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Once accepted into the Advance College Project, students are concurrently enrolled in both York High School and Indiana University’s ACP.  Based on completion of the course(s) at York, they earn Honors high school credit, as well as an Indiana University transcript reflecting the ACP coursework.   Only a grade of C or better is transferable, but students will be receiving a college transcript regardless of the grade earned.

The college credit students earn is transferable to most major universities (estimated at a rate of 95-99%).  Students should, however, verify the transferability with the potential colleges and universities that they are considering.  Should a student be interested in eventually attending Indiana University, he/she will still need to apply through the Office of Admissions at the appropriate time.

Each Indiana class follows the IU syllabus for the course and incorporates college-level instructional materials.  The tuition for each class is $75 ($25 per semester hour).  No supplemental fees (activity, technology, athletic, or health) are assessed. Additionally, those students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program have their tuition waived; there is no charge to them for these classes.  Students who do not meet the stated criteria and are not accepted into the program may, however, still take the coursework and benefit from experiencing an authentic college curriculum.

Students who are enrolled in an Advance College Project class for the fall semester will be receiving a tuition bill from Indiana University mid-October.  Notification will be sent via email to the students’ Indiana University email account. A tuition bill will also be sent by Indiana to the address on record.

Please contact Drew McGuire, Assistant Principal for Student Activities and Finance, with any questions you may have.  He can be reached via email at dmcguire@elmhurst205.org, or by phone @ 630-617-22422. Additional information may also be found at http://acp.indiana.edu.