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- National Languages Honor Societies

World Language National Honor Society will host its
Induction/Reaffirmation Ceremony on March 21st in the Commons.

York PTSA provides hospitality for students and families at this event.




National French Honor Society

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National Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish Honor Societies recognize foreign language students who have received A’s in all Honors level language classes and not less than B’s in all other classes. 


Generally speaking, a Freshman should start high school with Honors language if they can, as in most cases membership requires at least 3 and sometimes 4 semesters of Honors level language classes before applying.  Refer to membership eligibility criteria at the bottom of this page for details.


York's World Languages department will send invitations to eligible students in the February/March timeframe, followed by an induction ceremony in mid-late March. 


Learn more about the York chapters of the National World Language Honor Societies by visiting their club pages.

2019 Inductees

Chinese Inductees

Mia Beres
Samantha Christensen
Martha Clancy
Anna Collins
Nora Foley
Oliver Fong
Stephanie Garcia
Kate Kelley
Alexis Korkowski
Kevin Maranda
Meghan Martin
Rose Menichini
Teah Rogers
Katrina Sales
Renee Stott
Adrian Zhuang

Irene Galeana
Simarpreet Singh

Chinese Reaffirmed

Leo Brigham
Margaret Hardek
James Hennessy
Rylan Johnsen
James Sampson
Cassandra Sika
Sheen Tey
Adam Zabloudi

Blair Faber
Langston Gall
Marie Grasse
Ethan Hunter
Samantha Kao
Savannah Mallon
Emaan Mohsin
Eileen O'Donnell
Justin Paj ak
Diana Stott

Spanish Inductees

Anthony Angel
Benjamin Araujo
Samuel Ayers
Samuel Bartolone
Anthony Bauer
Madeleine Baxa
Zoe Burkhardt
Jillian Caforio
Vanessa Carmona
Kathryn Dale
Jacob Dunlap
Evan Frank
Justin Frank
Grant Heinberg
Angelina Hernandez
Sophia Hohman
Ava Hollis
Matthew Kavanaugh
Cecilia Lampa
Isabel Malithuruthel
Lillian Marrah
Elena Martinez
Madilyn Maucieri
Matthew Milani
Lea Pagonis
Skylar Radz
Alyssa Rivera
Veeral Shah
Salvatore Stangarone
Emma Stec
Gianna Stephan
Renee Stott
Juliana Suarez
Mia Taeyaerts
Mustafa Valika
Ayden Visser
Cara Well
Sarah Wilms

Anthony Aguilar
Caroline Collins
Megan Cronin
Kiya Lawler
Kevin Lawrence


Spanish Inductees, cont.

Lexienne Lukose
Fernando Martinez Lorenzo
Zikora Nnam
Abigail Pettineo
Filip Zachwieja
Justin ZeIlinger

Doodly Garcia
Lillian Kraus

Spanish Reaffirmed

Anna Araujo
Jacob Caffrey
Maya Curry
Jacquelin Cyriac
Angelica DeBenedictis
John Devine
Joseph Gemini
Maya Gibes
Aleksi ja Iglendza
Sara Krissinger
Mary Kritikos
Grace Maietta
Caroline Marshall
Ruby Schwan
Allison Splitstone
Matthew Splitstone
Isabel Wood

Austin Brown
Kathryn Caforio
Chloe Gomez
Guadalupe Guzman
Samantha Harrington
Liwia Kiryk
Alana Klein
Adrian Kocinski
Jessica Kocinski
Asha LaBine
Erin Lee
Bridget Lindgren
Lissandra Martinez
Jonathan Milani
Anna Morley
Andrea Oliveros Maya
Edgar Roman
Mary Rosenstein
Abigail Ross
Edward Ryan
Artemis Siavelis
Rene Sieracki
Maya Toffler
Sidney Valdez


Italian Inductees

Jacey Adams
Jasper Civella
Anna DeSimone
Bianca Spedale
Gianna Stinsa
Emily Ziccardi

Eric Gotsch
Brisa Gutierrez-Schmidt

Italian Reaffirmed

Hawley Bronson
Audrey Buffo
Adrianna DeCicco
Nicholas Menolascina
Giavanna Pape
Barbrianna Russo

Joshua Borzello
Elena Coletta
Massimo Cupola
Alexander Gianneschi
Michelle Hackett
Brian Morton
Isabella Nicoli



French Inductees

Maya Anikiej
Hannah Blanchette
Haley Brown
Abigail Clancy
Miguel Domingo
Jake Downey
Emma Garvey
Iairne Gleason
Chloe Hamelberg
LiWen Hirt
Hudson Hurst
Eden Jacquat
Seth Kays
Madeline Langan
Colin Lynch
Jackson Nehls
Grace Maniola
Isabel Nowacki Tessa Olson
Josephine Park
Michael Polowsky
Christopher Radcliff
Rocco Ramos
Emma Ross
Kate Schermer
Emma Taylor
David Tith
Samantha Trajcevski
Juliana Turner
Madeline van Heukelum
Elizabeth Yu

Stephen Chornij
Aaron Ludkowski
Rebecca Morton
William Schermer


French Reaffirmed

Molly Braun
Erin Butler
Melissa Cartis
Margaret Clink
Emily Dow
Julie Friedman Lydia Hickey
Brian Kelley
Mary Kett
Maya Iyer
Dylan Mahoney
Sydney Mountcastle
Rachel Perry
Karlene Stanton
Isabella Stevens
Julia Stone Katelyn Timble
Emily Walker Sophie Ward
Benjamin Weirman
Julian Wrobel

Alexandra Barishman
Nicole Bednarik
Isabella Nicoli
Sophia Nikolov
Gillian O'Hara
Emma Radcliff
Joseph Dorion
Tala Tinfang
Susan Vaughey
Jacob Wit
Jacob Zych



Please note that these criteria may be subject to change - consult the website for the most current information.


French Honor Society (see bottom of the FAQ page)


Semester grade of “A –“ or above in French; average of “A –“ or above over last three semesters of French; average of “B –“ in all other courses over last three semesters.  If your school uses a numerical grading system, the minimum grade in French for the semester prior to invitation, as well as the average for French courses in the three semesters prior to invitation,  must equal or exceed the lowest number for an “A minus”.  If averages are calculated on a 4-point system (A = 4, B = 3, etc.), an “A minus” would begin at 3.5.  Also, if your school awards a 5-point “A” for AP or IB classes, it is permissible to include the “bonus point/s” in the calculation.  The words must have maintained a “B” average or higher (section 3.b. in the by-laws) mean that when all subjects other than French are averaged, the average must reach or exceed the lowest “B minus“ in the school’s grading system, both for the semester prior to induction and for the three semesters of high school work prior to invitation.  There is nothing in the national document which disallows a grade of “C” or lower—unless it pulls a student’s average below those listed above.  Course work includes all work transferred to the high school transcript for academic credit, whether from middle school/junior high years or from post-secondary work.  If your school provides an interim grade for the block semester (roughly equivalent to a semester grade for a year-long course), use the two grades for French I plus the interim grade for French II to determine eligibility—while the French II block is still in progress.  Advanced students would be eligible based on final grades (or interim, if available) for previous courses.  Suggestions for your local by-laws: State  the way/s the minimum average (“A minus“) in French will be determined.  State the method/s for determining the minimum average (“B minus“) in all other courses.  Include a statement about continuing membership both from an academic, participation and honor code standpoint (even though older copies of national by-laws do not mention the latter).  Lastly, the national officers accept the sponsor’s decision on student eligibility. 


Chinese Honor Society

The applicant must be a full time high school student (grades 9 – 12) who has studied Chinese for four semesters in high school with an average of B or higher. A qualified candidate is someone who is willing to work with the school chapter advisor, as well as with other students, to serve as a positive role model in the area of Chinese studies.


Italian Honor Society (see Constitution)

1.   Membership shall be restricted to students enrolled in classes of Italian beyond the second year. 

2.   Candidates must have achieved an average of 90% or above in Italian for the three semesters of high school prior to invitation.  Also, they must have maintained a general scholarship average of 80% or above.  
3.  The number of candidates shall not exceed 30% of the students enrolled in Italian at the time of selection. 
4.  Students may continue their active membership for one year after the termination of their study of Italian.


Spanish Honor Society

Any secondary school student who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish or Portuguese for a minimum of three semesters and is in the 10th grade or higher is eligible to be a member of the SHH. The definition of "honor grade” is left to the discretion of each chapter. It should be remembered that the SHH is an honor society for those students of high academic achievement.

2018 Inductees

Chinese Inductees

Leo Richard Brigham

Margaret L Hardek

James J Hennessy

Ethan James Hunter

Rylan Johnsen

Sam Pozen

James William Sampson

Cassandra Judith Sika

Sheen W Tey

Adam Paul Zabloudil


Jenna M Gallichio


Chinese Reaffirmed

Blair P Faber

Holly A Fjeldstad

Langston Albert Gall

Marie Grasse

Samantha E Kao

Savannah Lent Mallon

Emaan Noor Mohsin

Eileen R O'Donnell

Siena Olson

Justin Tyler Pajak


Magdalene F Goetz

Grant Stewart Hartlage

Peter Damyan Hartlage

Alexander M Johnson

Lili Jin Melvin

Garrett D Moran

Jessica Anne Paist

Carter Quinlan

Christian G Waldschmidt


Spanish Inductees

Anna R Araujo

Jacob Adrian Caffrey

Maya E Curry

Jacquelin Cyriac

Angelica M DeBenedictis

John Edward Devine

Joseph M Gemini

Maya Gibes

Brisa Zugey Gutierrez Schmidt

Aleksija Iglendza

Sara Ann Krissinger

Mary C Kritikos

Conor S Laughlin

Grace Elizabeth Maietta

Caroline L Marshall

Darelle Naeli Menendie

Ruby E Schwan

Allison Marie Splitstone

Matthew John Splitstone

Isabel Catherine Wood


Liwia Kiryk

Andrea Carolina Oliveros Maya

Edgar Miguel Roman

Megan Jane Whitney


Anshul Shah


Spanish Reaffirmed

Benjamin J Airdo

Austin Brown

Kathryn Jane Caforio

Tristan J Contant

Chloe N Gomez

Guadalupe Guzman

Samantha M Harrington

Sean R Hayes

Spanish Reaffirmed, cont.

Alana E Klein

Adrian Kocinski

Jessica Kocinski

Asha Lauren LaBine

Erin Lee

Bridget Anne Lindgren

Lissandra Martinez

Collin McCarville

Jonathan Milani

Anna Christine Morley

Ryan Mark Rask

Jackson B Rosenberg

Mary Brynn Rosenstein

Abigail Ross

Edward Casey Ryan

Emily Sanchez

Artemis Siavelis

Rene E Sieracki

Cecilia H Stumpf

Maya M Toffler

Sidney Valdez


Catherine Linh Ayers

Adriana Bonilla

Annemarie T Carfagnini

Abigail Ciccarone

Linnea Dierksheide

Courtney Anne Jopes

Jason Kentra

Ashley N Kunesh

Lindsey Mauch

Michael Milan Pastuovic

Olivia Pechous

Esther Povh

Giovanni Rodriguez

Kennedy Ruiz

Emily Schlecht

Katerina Siavelis

Siva Priya Sreedhar

Deirdre Marie Stone

Katherine Tomaska

Emma L Tran


Italian Inductees

Hawley Price Bronson

Audrey Anne Buffo

Adrianna G DeCicco

Jennifer H Hirt

Nicholas Menolascina

Giavanna Pape

Barbrianna Russo


Julianna Marie Sabatini

Italian Reaffirmed

Margaret T Bleyer

Joshua Christian Borzello

Kevin Calabrese

Joseph Daniel Chornij

Elena M Coletta

Massimo Cupola

Meghan Therese Ferreri

Alexander John Gianneschi

Michelle Hackett

Julia Elizabeth Morrow

Brian F Morton

Isabella B Nicoli


Mia Venessa Spedale

Frank Joseph Ziccardi

Christopher Ziebert




French Inductees

Molly Regan Braun

Erin E Butler

Melissa Cartis

Margaret R Clink

Emily Rose Dow

Julie Catherine Friedman

Lydia O Hickey

Maya Iyer

Brian M Kelley

Mary E Kett

Dylan E Mahoney

Sydney E Mountcastle

Rachel Katherine Perry

Karlene M Stanton

Isabella Camille Stevens

Julia Webster Stone

Katelyn Maria Timble

Emily F Walker

Sophie Ryan Ward

Benjamin Forrest Weirman

Julian Aleksander Wrobel


Alexandra R Barishman

Joseph D Dorion

Isabella B Nicoli

Gillian Mary O'Hara

Emma Gabriela Radcliff

Sarah J Uher

Susan Claire Vaughey


Alexandra J Gauthier

Katherine Wegmann


French Reaffirmed

Nicole M Bednarik

Alexander George Boskov

Sophia Nikolov

Tala N Tinfang

Jacob Alexander Wit

Jacob J Zych


Hannah Marie Cronin

Matthew Lawrence Dardick

Kathryn K Des Biens

Eric Doberstein

Olivia Siobhan Gough

Anne Grasse

Lauren Healy

Carina R Kanzler

Sergi Martin Sarrau

Jacquelyn G Meyer

Linda Amenan Nguessan

Veronica Potyrala

Jenin Teleron

Tessa H Vermeulen