York Community High School

Math & Science Opportunities

Check out these new and upcoming STEM activities!

Some are events, some are volunteer or research opportunities suitable for high school aged students:

1.      http://www.cod.edu/stemcon (April 2018)

2.      https://appliedtech.iit.edu/events/2017/feb/25/dupage-area-stem-expo-2017 (Feb 2018)

3.       https://www.zooniverse.org/  (participate in an ongoing project)

4.      bfly.org/  (Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network - ongoing)

5.      www.theconservationfoundation.org/ (volunteer!)

6.      http://eddata.fnal.gov/lasso/program_search/calendar_special_new.lasso (Fermilab tours)

7.      http://greatlakes.audubon.org/get-involved (Audobon citizen science activities)

5.      http://www.stemdupage.com/educators/dupage-stem-resources.html

Math & Science: Enrichment & Competitions


Do you know of any enrichment opportunities or competitions for Math or Science?  This web page is available for parents, teachers and students to share interesting links and experiences.  Please keep in mind that these activities are not necessarily District 205 sponsored or supported, so be sure to research any opportunities to be certain they are right for you!

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