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Pre-Arranged Absences: Medical, Court, College Visits, etc. Bring a note from your parent/guardian. Include: student name, ID number, year in school, date/time of absence, reason for absence and signature of parent/guardian.

Bring the note to the campus supervisor at door 1. You will be issued a pass to leave the building.

Please see your student agenda for York's official attendance policy.

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More than 3000 students from over 75 schools throughout Northeastern Illinois auditioned for the honor of All-District and All-State Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Jazz Band selection. The selected York student musicians selected for All-District participation performed last month at either the ILMEA District 1 Jazz Festival at Hinsdale South High School on November 10th or the ILMEA District 1 Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Festival at Oak Park River Forest High School on November 17th. Students selected for All-State participation will travel to Peoria, IL at the end of January to rehearse and perform at the All-State Festival on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Congratulations to the following Illinois Music Educator Association All-District I and All-State Selectees from York Community High School:


All-District Selectees            

Michael Bindeman, Bass         

Kate Caforio, Alto              

Calvin Carta, Trumpet           

Grace Clarke, Alto Sax           

Bridget Costello, Alto           

Arianna Denning, Soprano       

Emily Dow, Cello               

Audrey Fatheree, French Horn     

Haley Grane, Alto               

Tanya Guerrero, Alto            

Matt Hauser, Bass               

Camden Hildy, Trumpet          

Lauren Hund, Flute             

Alyssa Irby, Clarinet             

Sam Jensen, Bb and Eb Clarinet    

Johanna Johnson, Violin          

Rylan Johnsen, Viola            

Kathryn King, Soprano           

Charlie Kungl, Bass             

Helen Koczur, Soprano           

Elise Lamberti, Flute             

CeCe Lampa, Alto              

Erin Lee, Soprano               

Aaron Ludkowski, Trombone      

Lauren Makinney, Double Bass

Abigail Marianetti, Cello

Rose Menichini, Tenor Sax

Siena Olson, French Horn

Tessa Olson, Viola

Ben Pavlik, Jazz

Reese Pavlik, Tuba

Ryan Rask, Trumpet

Jake Rehling, Tenor

Julie Roberts, Soprano

Eddie Ryan, Trombone, Orchestra and Jazz

Michael Spurr, Trumpet

Camille Steahly, Alto

CeCe Stumpf, Trumpet

Emma Taylor, Soprano

Emily Walker, Soprano

Maggie Wisnewski, Soprano

Julian Wrobel, Double Bass

Liz Yu, Violin


All State-Selectees

Michael Bindeman, Bass

Austin Brown, Composition

Anna Collins, Composition

Emily Dow, Cello

Matt Hauser, Bass

Alyssa Irby, Clarinet

Rylan Johnsen, Viola

Sam Jensen, Eb Clarinet

Kathryn King, Soprano

Charlie Kungl, Bass

CeCe Lampa, Alto

Lauren Makinney, Double Bass

Rose Menichini, Tenor Sax

Siena Olson, French Horn

Ben Pavlik, Jazz/Composition

Jake Rehling, Tenor

Eddie Ryan, Trombone, Jazz

Camile Steahly, Alto

CeCe Stumpf, Trumpet

Maya Toffler, Composition

Emily Walker, Soprano

Maggie Wisnewski, Soprano

Julian Wrobel, Double Bass

Liz Yu, Violin



It's hard to believe that final exams are just two weeks away. Below you will find the Semester One Final Exam schedule with reminders about our final exam policies. Remember...the best way to find success on final exams is through consistent hard work throughout the semester, so over the next few weeks, stay engaged in your classes and be sure to ask questions as they arise. Go Dukes.


  Wed. Dec. 19 Thurs. Dec. 20 Fri. Dec. 21


(90 Mins)

Period 8 Period 2 Period 1


(90 Mins)

Period 7 Period 3 Period 4


(50 Mins)

Lunch Lunch Make Up


(90 Mins)

Period 6 Period 5 Make Up


  • Students should expect to have a Final Exam or Final Project in every class unless otherwise noted on the course syllabus. Finals count for up to 20% of the semester one grade.
  • Students must take exams during the regular exam period. No exams will be administered­ early; however, students who have three exams scheduled for one day may arrange to change one by contacting their counselor. Students should not ask their teacher to change an exam period.
  • Students are free to leave campus during times they do not have an exam. Study areas (Learning Commons and Math Lab) will be open if students have an open period and do not want to leave the building.  The TMC will be open until 3:10 on all days for Make Up exams.
  • There will be a 10-minute passing period between consecutive exams.
  • Breakfast will be available from 7:00-9:00 on all three exam days. Lunch service will be available from 11:00 - 12:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. There will not be lunch service on Friday, December 21st.
  • During finals, students in the multi-needs program and students who attend the Transition Center will meet for an instruction day from 7:40 to 1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday and from 7:40 to 11:00 on Friday.
  • Buses will run on regular schedules all three mornings. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, buses will depart at 1:40 with late buses departing at 3:30 and 4:30. On Friday, buses will depart at 11:00 with late buses departing at 1:45 and 4:30.

Es difícil creer que los exámenes finales serán en menos de un mes. A continuación encontrará el horario de exámenes finales del primer semestre con recordatorios acerca de nuestras pólizas de examen final. Recuerde... la mejor manera de encontrar el éxito en los exámenes finales es a través de trabajar duro consistentemente durante todo el semestre, durante las próximas semanas, es importante estar envuelto en sus clases y la materia y asegúrese de hacer preguntas. Vamos Dukes!




Diciembre 19


Diciembre 20


Diciembre 21


(90 Mins.)

Período 8 Período 2 Período 1

9:20 - 10:50

 (90 Mins.)

Período 7 Período 3 Período 4

11:00 - 11:50

(50 Mins.)





12:00 - 1:30

(90 Mins.)

Período 6 Período 5





Los estudiantes deben de recibir su Examen o Proyecto Final en su respectiva clase, a menos que sean indicado de manera diferente en su plan de estudios. Los resultados cuentan como el 20% de la calificación final del semestre por cada materia escolar.

  • Los estudiantes deberán tomar su examen final durante el período correspondiente. No se administrarán exámenes más temprano, sin embargo, aquellos estudiantes que tengan 3 exámenes finales en un mismo dia pueden hablar con su Consejero para cambiar el horario de uno de los 3. Los estudiantes no deberán contactar a su maestro para cambiar el periodo de su exámen.
  • Los estudiantes son libres de retirarse del edificio escolar durante los períodos que no tengan exámenes. También tendremos las áreas de estudio abiertas, tales como la Biblioteca y Laboratorio de Matemáticas, Learning Commons o Math Lab en inglés. El TMC (Centro de Transición) estará abierto hasta las 3:10 PM los días de Recuperación o exámenes extraordinarios.
  • Habrá 10 minutos entre períodos durante los 3 días de exámenes finales.
  • El desayuno estará disponible de 7:00 a 9:00 AM durante los 3 días de exámenes. El almuerzo será de 11:00-12:00 el miércoles y jueves, sin embargo el viernes 22 de diciembre, no tendremos almuerzo.
  • Durante los exámenes finales, aquellos estudiantes que estén en programas con necesidades especiales y también aquellos que van al Centro de Transición, se atenderán como un dia de instrucción regular de 7:40 AM -1:30 PM durante el miércoles y jueves, mientras que el viernes, el horario será de 7:40-11:00 AM en dicho Centro.
  • Los autobuses correrán sus rutas y horarios normales a la entrada en los 3 días de exámenes. A la salida del miércoles y jueves, los autobuses partirán a la 1:40, 3:30 y 4:30 PM. El viernes, los autobuses partirán a las 11:00 de la mañana, 1:45 y 4:30 PM.



Thursday, Dec 13th 11-2:30 pm and 7-8:30 pm


Looking for York Duke Apparel for holiday gifts? Here is your chance for easy shopping! The York Athletic Boosters are bringing the entire inventory of York Apparel and school swag to the lobby of Door 1 (Academic Wing) of York High School for easy shopping for you. Browse through everything the bookstore has available – traditional hoodies, joggers, T-shirts, quarter zips, cozy flannel pants, and joggers, hats, baseball caps, gloves, socks, blankets, string backpacks and even Holiday ornaments. Great gifts for any age –current students or future Dukes.


Thursday December 13th from 11:00-2:30 pm and 7-8:30 pm. Please park in the bus lanes and follow our signs to Door #1, York Academic Building. Cash, Check and Credit accepted.


Questions, contact Christine at CLjuneman@gmail.com.



Dear Parents/Guardians:  Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent flu is by getting a flu vaccine each year.  Please review the following for further information on seasonal influenza.  


CDC Seasonal Influenza :  





Students: Are you a leader?  Do you want to BECOME a leader?  The counseling department is seeking all applicants for the 2019-2020 Freshmen Mentoring program!  Calling all artists, athletes, scholars, and in-betweens!!! 


Apply TODAY on the counseling department web site HERE!  The application deadline is Friday, February 1st, 2019 with interviews occurring after that.  All are encouraged to apply.  Questions?  Ask your counselor!


As a part of Student Services, Lunch & Learns are now offered twice a month for all students on a variety of topics! This semester, Lunch and Learns run every other Friday during all lunch periods. Students do not need to sign-up to attend. Everyone is welcome! Students just grab their lunch and go to the CCRC about 10 minutes into the lunch period. 


So far this school year, we have covered study skills, stress management, and tech tools! The next Lunch & Learn will be Friday, October 26th during all lunch periods. We will be talking about Executive Functioning Skills 101 and giving students tools to enhance their organizational skills, time management, and more! 


Other Semester 1 Topics: 

November 9th: Growth Mindset

December 14th: Keep Calm and Final On (Test Anxiety and Study Skills)


If you have any further questions about the Lunch and Learn program, please contact School Psychologist, Amy Burton at aburton@elmhurst205.org


Follow us on Twitter: @YDLunchAndLearn for updates and resources! 



The Illinois Civic Mission Coalition (ICMC) has recognized York Community High School as an Illinois Democracy School. York will receive a stipend from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, which convenes the ICMC to continue civic learning initiatives, as well as a new banner for public display.

“Our high school people have worked very hard to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, and our social studies department is a prime example of that. Our vision is all students graduate college, career and life ready, and nothing defines life ready more in this country than the ability to effectively participate and function in a democratic society,” D205 Superintendent Dr. David Moyer said.

York Community High School Principal Erin DeLuga added, “Mr. Mike DiNovo and the Democracy Schools team have worked tirelessly to attain recognition for York as a Democracy school. In that pursuit, we hope to provide enriching civic experiences for our students across content areas. It very much aligns to meeting each student where s/he thrives. It also strengthens our interdisciplinary efforts. Kudos to all of those who worked from the roots up.”

Since 2006, 75 Illinois high schools have successfully completed a school-wide civic assessment to be recognized as Democracy Schools. The Robert R. McCormick Foundation has convened the ICMC since 2010. Learn more at www.McCormickFoundation.org/DemocracySchools.

Democracy Schools provide students with authentic experiences in the rights, responsibilities, and tensions inherent to living in a democracy. Participating schools create opportunities and experiences that empower students to nurture and sustain democracy, including: engaging in current and controversial issue discussions, participating in democratic simulations, and providing service learning opportunities.

“We commend York H.S. for their tenacity and enthusiasm in expanding and improving civic learning across the curriculum and throughout Illinois,” said Sonia Mathew, Civic Learning Manager at the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. “Through these practices and experiences student see first-hand the critical role they play in shaping government and society.”


Parents and students can access lice information on the school website under Health and Safety. 


There have been a few cases of lice at York High School.  Please take the time to check your child for any signs and symptoms.  See information below from DuPage County Health Department.  



Lice (Head) Pediculosis Fact Sheet


Cause:  Pediculus humanus capitis, a louse. The life cycle of the louse is divided into three phases:


1. nits: eggs laid by adult females and are cemented at the base of the hair shaft nearest to the scalp, usually within 6 mm. Takes 1 week to hatch. Difficult to see but are oval and usually yellow to white.


2. nymph: hatched egg; resembles an adult but much smaller; matures in 9 - 12 days. Must feed on blood to survive.


3. adult: louse grows to about the size of a sesame seed, has 6 clawed legs, and is tan to grayish-white. It can live up to 30 days on the infested head and needs to feed on blood several times per day; it will die within 1-2 days off the host.


Lice infestation is most common in children 3 to 12 years of age. Girls get head lice more often than boys, women more often than men. They are found most commonly on the scalp behind the ears, at the nape of the neck. They are rarely found on the body, eyelashes, or eyebrows.


Symptoms: Itching of the scalp and neck. Look for:

*Crawling lice in the hair, usually few in number

*Eggs (nits) glued to the hair, often found at the back of the neck *Scratch marks on the scalp or back of neck at hairline


Spread: By direct contact with the head of another infested person. Indirect spread through contact with personal belongings of an infested person (as, combs, brushes, hats, scarves, bedding) is less likely but can occur. Transmission most often occurs among household members because of the close proximity of living conditions.


Lice do not jump or fly; they crawl and can fall off the head. Lice do not live longer than 48 hours off the head. They lay their eggs only while on the head. Nits which are more than ¼” from the scalp are dead or empty and will not hatch. Also, eggs do not hatch if they have fallen off. Lice do not spread to or from pets as they do not become infested. However, pets may carry the lice from one person to another. Avoid close contact with pets and refrain from permitting animals to sleep with household members during an infestation. Do not treat animals with medicines for humans.


Incubation Period: Eggs (nits) hatch in 7 – 10 days.


Period of Communicability:  Until treated with lice–killing medication, crawling forms of the louse are communicable; the nits are not.


Diagnosis: Head lice infestation is confirmed by inspecting the scalp and hair for the presence of nits, nymphs or live adult lice. Finding a nymph or an adult louse may be difficult because there are few of them and they move very quickly. If nits are visible farther than 6 mm from the scalp and no nymphs or adult lice are seen, the infestation is a past infestation and does not require treatment. If nits are discovered in the hair, but live lice are not seen, they can be re-inspected periodically for live lice. Adequate lighting should be used for the inspection as well as disposable sticks used to adequately separate the hair. A thorough examination may take several minutes.


Treatment: Pediculicides, either lice-killing shampoo or lotion, either purchased over-thecounter or by prescription (from a physician). Instructions must be followed carefully. Shampooing should be rinsed off over a sink rather than in a shower or tub, and with cool rather than warm water, to reduce skin absorption of the pediculicides. Do not use crème rinse before doing the treatment.


If live lice are seen after treatment, try a different brand.


For some medications, a second treatment is needed 7 – 10 days later to kill nits that have survived the first treatment.


Remove nits from the hair with a fine-toothed comb.


Wait 1-2 days before shampooing the hair but then shampoo at least twice a week for 2 weeks. Vigorously combing out the wet hair seems to slow down the lice.


Avoid over-use of pediculicides to avoid toxic exposure.




1. Avoid sharing hair care items, towels, bedding, clothing, hats, and headgear.


2. Hang clothing in individual lockers or on assigned coat hooks. Hooks should be spaced at least 12 inches apart so that clothing does not touch.


3. Clean items such as clothing, furniture or carpeting that have come in contact with the head of the infested person in the 24 to 48 hours before treatment. Wash, soak or dry items at temperatures 130º F to kill stray lice or nits. Furniture, carpeting, car seats, etc., may be vacuumed. Items that cannot be washed can be dry cleaned or bagged in plastic for 2 weeks, by which time any nits that may have survived would have hatched and nymphs would be without food source. Pediculicide spray should not be used because the chemical exposure cannot be controlled. Nits are unlikely to incubate and hatch at room temperatures. Major cleaning measures are unnecessary.




Lice infestation poses little risk to others and does not have a resulting health problem for the infested person. The person should be discouraged from having close direct head contact with others until the problem has resolved. Mass screenings, blanket notification to others of the situation, restricting use of safety helmets are not justified responses.


A parent/guardian/person should be notified of the situation at the end of the day and that prompt, proper treatment of the condition is in the best interest of the child and of his/her classmates/housemates and/or family. The person may return to the activities after the treatment is complete. The person’s head should be re-inspected 7-10 days later; if there is evidence of live lice or additional nits, the process of exclusion and treatment should be repeated. If the problem persists after the second treatment, a different product should be used. If the problem continues after the new product treatment, then a physician should be consulted for further advice.



Below are the dates in which 8th grade parochial students, who are residents of District 205, may shadow a current York student for the entire school day. We will allow up to 30 students per date on a first come, first served basis. Students will be assigned to shadow a York Ambassador. Ambassadors are trained to host students and acquaint them with many aspects of York High School. To request that your child can attend one of the dates, please click the link to sign up.

Available Dates:











Important Dates

Dec. 13 Student of the Month 7:00 am
  Athletic Apparel pick-up 11:00 am - 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  Winter Art Show 6:00 pm
  Holiday Choral Concert 7:30 pm
Dec. 19 Final Exams - Period 8, Period 7, Lunch, Period 6, Make-up
Dec. 20 Final Exams - Period 2, Period 3, Lunch, Period 5, Make-up
Dec. 21 Final Exams - Period 1, Period 4, Lunch, Make-Up
Dec. 24 - Jan. 4 No School - Winter Break
Jan. 7 Classes Resume
Jan. 14 No School - Teacher Institute Day
Jan. 16 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
Jan. 21 No School - Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 23 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
Jan. 29 Talent Show Auditions
Jan. 30 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
  Talent Show Auditions
Jan. 31 Talent Show Auditions
  Winter Play 7:30 pm
Feb. 1 Winter Play 7:30 pm
Feb. 2 Winter Play 7:30 pm
Feb. 3 Winter Play 2:00 pm
Feb. 6 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
  Trivia Night 7:00 pm
Feb. 7 Student of the Month 7:00 am
  Winter Orchestra Concert 7:30 pm
Feb. 11 College Planning Night 7:00 pm
Feb. 12 Jazz Ensemble Concert 7:30 pm
Feb. 13 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
Feb. 14 Winter Choral Concert 7:30 pm
Feb. 18 No School - Presidents' Day
Feb. 20 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
  Senior vs. Faculty Volleyball Game 7:00 pm
Feb. 21 Winter Band Concert
Feb. 25 - March 1 Fine Arts Week
Feb. 28 Life After York 7:00 pm
March 1 Talent Show 7:00 pm
March 5 York Dance Company Recital 7:30 pm
March 6 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
March 7 Student of the Month 7:00 am
March 8 Second Semester Midterm
March 13 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
March 15 Mr. Duke Contest/Spring Pep Rally 7:00 pm
March 20 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
  Trivia Night 7:00 pm
March 25 - 29 No School - Spring Break
April 3 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
April 11 Student of the Month 7:00 am
  Spring Musical 7:30 pm
April 12 Spring Musical 7:30 pm
April 13 Spring Musical 7:30 pm
April 14 Spring Musical 2:00 pm
April 17 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
April 23 Scholarship Night 7:00 pm
April 24 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
April 25 Jazz Ensemble Concert 7:30 pm
April 27 Junior/Senior Prom
April 30 Cadet/Concert Band Concert 7:30 pm

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